Heart for Heart.

Karma has finally caught up to me. 

My suspicions rose first at the beginning of June 2012 when I was unceremoniously dumped by my significant other, of almost four years, over the telephone.  
Then, when a close friend and I became closer my fears that the reaper of good luck was on my tail dissipated; that is, until things went south and he went nuts.  
He’s the second boy who has “dated” me and then gone into a mental institution.
Things were quiet for a bit and I met someone in December that I became quite fond of.
Finally though, because you cannot avoid fate, in January things went to hell. A few weeks after Boy December ruined my self esteem, two of my exes, in succession, attempted to blackmail me. Now, fast forward to present day March and I have been the victim of a one night stand. 
I kind of knew it would never progress far.
I mean, he didn’t own books; it was a lost cause as soon as I found that out, but one night was a bit sudden.
So a few days after the deed, here I am: Sitting in Starbucks, sending one last text that will go unanswered, listening to “God Only Knows” and ruminating on my past actions. 
I will say a few things. 
Yes I’ve cheated and that is not ok.
However, as I have grown up I try to operate as transparently as possibly.
If we are hooking up, I’m clear about that.
I’m clear about one night stands, about fidelity and about feelings.
I never give false impressions if I can help it and I never pretend to be better than I am.
It’s actually one of my biggest peeves, when people act better than they are or disguise a cheap action with seemingly thoughtful gestures.
If you’re going to be shitty, own up to your actions.
I always figured that Karma would come to me in the form of a violent death. It’s fitting for the amount of hearts I have broken in my past.
Unfortunately, I think that my penance is to have my insides bruised and broken in the same way I inflicted on others.
A heart for a heart.
Cue my itunes to play “Instant Karma.”

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