Late night ramblings

I don’t usually post via mobile device, usually because the format sucks and so does my dexterity.  

My mental state currently sucks so it’s fitting for once. 
So, you know what else sucks? Waiting. Especially waiting for something not promised and fickle by nature, such as trust. 
I inherently expect people to trust me until I give them a reason not to, however I do not trust other people easily. There are some who would say that I do not actually trust anyone fully. 
They’re probably right. 
It’s extremely frustrating because I am sure most people are this way; they expect people to trust them but do not trust anyone else. 
This leaves you with two entities that want a deeper understanding, but roadblock any progress. 
I don’t know why this happens. 
For me, I block out of fear, but I won’t speak for all of human nature on this topic. 
What I do know is that something has to give and someone has to be too trusting, get invested, for the process of trust to be expedited instead of relying on vulnerability. 
That probably will not ever occur, but if it did I think life would be far nicer. People would know one another better, relationships would be truer, and alliances would actually mean something. 
Honestly though, I probably won’t be the one to start that trend. Too much risk. 

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