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If I was sad, would you try to cheer me up?

If I wasn’t around, would I be on your mind?

Would you respect me when left in tempting situations?

Would you allow me to freely speak my mind?

Would you listen, even if you thought what I was saying was stupid?

Would you take care of me if I was sick?

Would you save me if I was stranded?

If I was being cold, would you pull away, or know me better and ask me why I was sad?

Would you let me walk away without a fight?

Would you tell me I’m beautiful, even if I look like death?

Would you think I’m beautiful, even when I look like death?

Would you put me first, not with neglect to yourself, but with a high regard for me?

Would you ask about my life?

Would you try to care about the things I told you?

Would you let me tell you my secrets?

Would you trust me with yours?

Would you want me to meet your family?

Would you want to meet mine?

If I went to hold your hand, would you slip out of my grasp?

If I went to kiss your cheek, would you dodge my affection?

Would you dance with me, even if we’re the only ones dancing?

Would you love me, not loudly, but openly?

Would I just be a secret or could we just be?

Could we be in love?
Can we try to be in love?


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