On Corpus Christi Cycles

I’m (currently) in class where we are discussing Corpus Christi plays.
One play in particular, The York Play of the Crucifixion, has a scene where the people are comically nailing and ripping a person as they try to get his body to fit on the cross. This is a scene where the audience would laugh, that is until the cross rises and you figure out it is Jesus you’re laughing at.

My instructor, after having us read the part aloud, asks us how we would react to such a ploy; one that makes you laugh at Christ.

Personally I thought it was a silly question; any God of mine would be perfectly fine with me enjoying a joke at his expense.

Turns out, such a ploy would have the girl in front of me bruising her knees in excessive penance.

I swiftly stopped listening to the class discussion and turned back to Facebook where a strangely fitting status came up in my newsfeed.

“One of the best things about Spain is that their church services are on Sunday evenings. So you can stay out until 4am, sleep until 2pm, recover from the night before, and then go atone for what you’ve done.”

This reminded me why I have an issue with religion.
Why live a good life when you’ll be forgiven anyways?
It’s bad parenting.
This is probably why the world is all fucked up.
People do whatever they want and there is no retribution, no karma! Just sinning followed by repenting followed by promised forgiveness and then it’s right back onto sinning!

Shit, I should be Catholic.

“Yes Officer! I am, in fact, drinking and driving, but it’s cool because I’m really sorry and I’ve been forgiven.”

Karma makes sense to me.
You reap what you sew.
There is no second chance. What you put out, you get back.
Where as Christians put out all this shit and apparently a half assed, “I’m sorry!” to the heavens cleans their soul.
I’m just saying that I call bullshit.


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