The Pee Debate Rages On

This Airpnp deal has sparked some interesting conversation. 

One person suggested that we pee on strangers as an alternative, which I’ve done, but I don’t recommend.
Actually, it wasn’t really a stranger. 
I had been working at my current job for only a few months and I had not become close with my coworkers yet. This was in part because I only saw them at work and partially because I’m not known for being outright open and friendly. 
Anyway, for the work Christmas party that year, my boss rented a party bus. 
To cut to the chase, by the time the party bus reached the final destination of the night my bladder was really full and my inhibitions were really low.
The work building was locked up and I was absolutely not going to make it to another restroom.  In desperation one of my coworkers dragged me around the back of the building so we could relieve ourselves.  
At this point (I was, in a word, shattered) I am told that I sat right next to my coworker and somehow managed to pee all over her feet. 
Apparently this was one of those deep, drunk bonding experiences, that I’m pretty sure only girls are capable of having, and we’ve been good friends ever since. 
In short: I peed on a stranger and made a friend.
I’m not saying this works every time, or even most of the time, but I am saying it has happened.

If you read the comments on the original post someone brought up a valid point.
They posed that this app would be a fabulous way for creepers, criminals and crackheads to make there way to your house OR lure you into theirs. 
To this I want to respond: Use your best judgement. 
Would I let someone pee in my house? Honestly, if there were a lot of people home, maybe. It would depend on my gut feeling.
Would I, a 5’2″ tall girl, walk into a complete stranger’s home and risk being caught in a dangerous situation, with my pants literally around my ankles? No. 
Like all things, the best advice is use your own discretion and trust your gut. 

Would you pee in a stranger’s home?

I found this fascinating article about the concept of peeing in a stranger’s home. Or pooping I suppose. . .
With their permission! you sicko.

I have an incredibly small bladder, so this idea appeals to me on so many levels. 
Plus, think about all the weird shit you would find in people’s medicine cabinets! 
Anyway, I’m curious, would you use the bathroom in a stranger’s home?
Below is the article I’m referencing. 

AIRPNP via Ecosalon

In case you missed "Strangers Kissing for the First Time"

This video is cooler.

Homophobia was not even a word in my vocabulary until the gay marriage debate became a hot button issue around the time of the Proposition 8 ordeal. I had no idea that people actually gave a shit about what someone else does in the privacy of their own home or who they’ve fallen in love with because it was never an issue I was exposed to.

Growing up I was permitted to paint my brothers’ toe nails, dress them up in dresses and play house with them. One of my brother’s even wrote in his fourth grade memory book that he wanted to be a hairdresser when he grew up.
No one in the family thought twice about this, considering I had wanted to be an astronaut for the longest time and wearing a dress was a punishment for me.
Gender roles were just not enforced in my house.

This makes it more obvious as to why and how exactly my parents handled the idea of “gay”.

They ignored it.

I had an uncle that my father referred to as Auntie, but it was more of a joke than an actual issue, and I didn’t even know he was gay until I was in my late teens.
I knew gay people existed. I was aware of them, but it was not something I ever thought about when I met people.

When I got older, I performed in a musical group with a woman from my church who was a lesbian. I had no idea she was a lesbian because my parents never mentioned it.
(We will call this woman Carla)
My parents let me figure it out on my own. I never wondered why Carla lived with another woman, it just never occurred to me that there was something wrong about it. Whenever anyone spoke about her, even people in my church, all they commented about was her stunning voice. No one talked about, “gay”.
Essentially, I experienced being around people who were gay, before I knew that it made them somehow “different”.

My mother was very careful, and I would like to think this was intentional, on making mine and my sibling’s sexual education factual. I do not remember ever reading that men only dated women and women only dated men and that was it.
I understood sex, but it was presented as more of a fact of reproduction, as opposed to a way that families were formed. There was no talk of marriage or the institution of family.

Maybe it was because I was in theater, maybe it was because I spent my childhood around gay adults who were just presented as people, rather than a spectacle representation of the “new age family”, but I never thought about homosexuality.

I’m not saying that ignoring gay people is a good way to teach kids about different lifestyles.
Rather, I think that simply teaching children (and many adults) that people are people, is probably a good way to eliminate making a spectacle out of “different” ways of life.  No one had to explain boys liking girls, so if we make it less taboo, I’m sure kids will figure it out.

And once they do, they’ll probably say what the rest of us (currently considered progressive people) have been thinking for quite some time, “Who cares?”

People are people are people.
Isn’t that really the point?

Below I’ve put the video I referenced in the title of this post.
It’s pretty romantic.

The best rejection letter EVER.

I can be a pretty flatline individual, but receiving an email response from Jenny Lawson (AKA THE BLOGGESS!) gets me about as close to fan girl-ing as my emotional spectrum allows.

Being told by someone who collects dead animals, published a book, and might be a little insane, that they would totally hire you if they could, is all the validation I needed. 
I like knowing that there is a community of strange beings out in the world.

I created a Facebook Page!

I created a Facebook page.

I had refrained from doing this, or really even promoting my blog at all, for a long time because I was unsure if I wanted my family to see what I talk about.
I couldn’t give two fucks if the kid next to me in class thinks I’m a lunatic, but when your grandmother calls you after she read about your abortion online, you start to wonder if maybe you should sensor yourself a bit more.
Then I remember that there are way better reasons to dislike me then just because of my writing, or because I am very openly pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, pro-chemical experimentation, pro talking about everything from sex to repressed childhood memories.

You can totally hate me over the fact I talk through movies. And I always ask who dies before the movie starts. I also google the plot if the person refuses to answer me or hasn’t seen it either. 
Now THAT is a trait worth disliking me over.

Hating me because I share my experiences unadulterated and unfiltered is not.
I’m expressing my opinions, not telling anyone that they should be like me.

Honestly, family or not, I’m never going to be a normal person. I will always talk about strange things and write about subjects no one wants to talk about, because while no one may want to speak about them, a lot of people read about them. 
My goal in life is not for my family to be embarrassed of me, I quit being embarrassed of them a long time ago. Return the favor guys!

My goal with this site is to provide a place for people who feel like they’re not quite like everyone else, to come and read about another human being who is just as lost and fucked up as they are.

I’m always open to challenging opinions, new information and expanding my viewpoints. So if you hate what I say, go ahead and talk to me about it. Don’t just call me a whore or a bad person and walk away.

It’s deconstructive and honestly, kind of mean.

On a side note, I screwed up the HTML on my blog’s layout, so if someone knows how I can remove the “Like” button I accidentally embedded into my layout, that would be stupendous.
This is a learning process for me.

If I make it in life, I’m going to live in a trendy European Dance Club.

One day when I am not living below the poverty line, on my way to being homeless, and my life has a semblance of order to it, I’m going to buy a Light up Sofa!

This website called: could just go ahead and furnish my whole damn future apartment.

Part of me is kidding.

The other part of me hopes I become successful enough to have an entirely LED lit apartment, in addition to a relaxing home that doesn’t look like a trendy european nightclub.

Tell me you don’t want to sit in that. 
You can’t.

For all you broke people like me

In honor of my being broke, I am posting the article below, for all of you to read.
I would call most of it common knowledge, so I’m going to preface it with my own money saving tips.

If you pay for laundry:

  • Don’t. Just never wash anything (except undergarments, obviously you scuzz!) Unless it has a stain, or smells like a marathon runner’s thong post race, it can go a few more wears sans wash.  
  • Bra’s should only be hand washed anyways, so shower with them. It saves hot water.

To save hot water:

  • Shower with a friend. Seriously. Two 20 minute showers, turn into one 20 minute shower. Do the math.

To save on heat:

  • Do that funny saran wrap thing to your windows. Yeah, it looks hood, but it’s better than trying to oil heat your front yard.

To Save on food:

  • Meal plan. I’m working on this idea, and when I have a good way to do it, I’ll let you know. Also, I operate by the standard that if it doesn’t smell, have mold, or lost it’s original consistency, it’s fine to eat. 
  • Soup that’s a month or so past date? Just boil it. Remember, if you’re going to cook something at 400 degrees, then anything growing on it will probably die. 
  • Frozen veggies are your friend. Frozen fruit too. In fact, buy in bulk and freeze it all. Is fresh better? Obviously, but frozen is better than starving.
  • Buy raw. All that pre-made shit is. . .well, shit. And while it may be cheaper now, for the amount you can buy raw, you’re rarely saving that much. AND your medical bills will be higher later.

*WARNING* I’m a vegetarian so I can’t personally verify how well this works for meat or dairy.

  • Frozen veggies are your friend. Frozen fruit too. In fact, buy in bulk and freeze it all. Is fresh better? Obviously, but frozen is better than star

To save on clothing:
  • Thrift Shop! Seriously you can find everything from a thrift shop. Where I live, people are far more likely to appreciate a well curated outfit, made with original pieces, over the latest trend from the mall.
  • Borrow from your friends. (with permission)
To save on alcohol: 
  • Get drunk BEFORE the bar.  (BUT ONLY IF YOU HAVE A DESIGNATED DRIVER or if you’re walking.)
  • If you go to the same bar frequently, get friendly with your local bartender. Do a shot with them, talk to them, go on off nights, and you’ll watch your bill drop. TOM AND NOAH, IF YOU’RE READING THIS, I MISS YOU, AS MUCH AS YOU MISS MY STEADY BUSINESS. SEE YOU WHEN THE SEMESTER ENDS MY LOVES.

To save on fun:

  • Be creative. If you live in a city especially, there is always free shit to do. Google, check chamber of commerce sites, check your local (and usually free!) publications or the community boards in local shops.
  • Split your drug purchases with a group. Besides, if you take them alone, there is a greater chance of you having a problem and it’s probably less fun.
  • Buy boardgames. Boardgames and tequila are a match made in heaven.

Check out the original article below, by The Daily Finance, for their tips.

5 Things You Should Never Pay Full Price For

Email exchange between a department chair and myself, concerning a professor I did not think was performing adequately




Below is an email exchange between a department chair and myself, concerning a professor I did not think was performing adequately. Admittedly, I was angry at first, however I do not think she appropriately addressed the issue at hand. Feedback is welcome and encouraged.

Dr. Juzyn: 

 I am writing to you in regards to Professor Miriam Gorarrian. 
I would like to preface my complaint by saying that I took five years of Spanish in high school and I enrolled in her Spanish 1 class to brush up on my basic grammar and vocabulary. 
I do not know how to put this kindly; partially because I'm still irate at her latest display, and partially because I am really disappointed that she was even hired as an adjunct given her rating on 
Therefore, I am just going to be frank: she is a horrific teacher.  

I was first taken aback when she took to announcing grades in a public fashion. 
My second issue was when she started discussing a student's personal issues with said student right in front of the class. 
However, it wasn't until after our first exam when she said, and I quote, "do not guess if you do not know the answer. Leave it blank." She went on to say that our "butchering" the language by making an honest attempt was "offensive to [her] language". This is not only discouraging to students but a ridiculous way to teach. RIC's own motto uses the word, "reach", so why does the university have a teacher who discourages that very trait on staff? 

During our second test, she allowed another student to retake the first exam, including the first exam's listening comprehension section. So while I, who took my exam on time am trying to complete my own test, I had to listen his reading comprehension on full blast. She also talked through the entire exam with that student. This was not conducive to my learning and aggravated the students around me as well. Explain to me why I should suffer because another student was late? Why wouldn't she meet him during her office hours? 

This professor habitually reads straight out of the book, which she puts on the screen, however refuses to put in focus. 
She does not explain her rational, but rather speaks over you loudly when she corrects a student. She has never broken down the grammar, or reviewed sentence structure despite the fact it is apparent that no one in my class can discern a noun from an article or identify a predicate if their lives depended on it.  

I reached my limit today when the student behind me, who struggles, borrowed a paper from another student in order to get the correct answers. This was AFTER we had gone over the paper, and it was pretty obvious that he took it so he could check his answers and she calls him out in front of the class accusing him of trying to cheat. We were finished! What was he cheating on? 
This same student, later in the class, was called upon to read off the projection and complete an oral activity. When he said to Prof. Gorarrian, "I can't read it" instead of zooming in, she skipped over him. 
THAT is deplorable.  

Is this how RIC operates? We leave behind those who need help?
I am disgusted that my tuition goes to her paycheck. Why was she hired? Her reviews from RIC, URI, and PC are all terrible. So please tell me why she is still on payroll? 

If no one online has anything good to say about her, then I can only assume her teacher reviews are not stellar either. 
I want a refund for this class, I want to be taken out of this class and I want her spoken to.
I'm sorry if this appears abrasive, but it is absolutely ridiculous that this school would hire someone like that to begin with. 
Tuition is incredibly expensive and as a student who lives on her own, works full time and goes to school full time I expect to be educated, not read to out of a book, publicly humiliated or worse, pushed aside. 
I hope this does not fall on deaf ears and that she will be corrected or better yet, retired, as soon as possible.  

Allison Palombo 


Juzyn, Olga S. (

6:34 PM

To: Allison Palombo

Picture of Juzyn, Olga S.

Dear Allison: 

 I've read carefully your email relating your concerns about your Spanish 101 class. Before I go on, let me be clear that I can't speak to the issues that involve other students. They would have to speak to me directly. 

After reading your message I met with Ms. Gorriarán to discuss your complaints. I asked Ms. Gorriarán about your concern that "she took to announcing grades in a public fashion," although you didn't specify if your grade was so "announced." Ms. Gorriarán told me that at the end of one class meeting, some students approached her wanting to know their grades and she told them, one by one. She also didn't recall telling the class that they were "butchering the language." I asked her about your complaint that she "never broken down the grammar, or reviewed sentence structure." She assures me that she does explain the grammar, but she did say that some students still have a difficult time understanding basic points. Perhaps she offered further explanation during one of your three absences. 

I asked her about the quality of the projection of the e-book. She told me that you usually sit at the back of the class and that she can only enlarge the screen so much without losing the text or images she is working with. Perhaps you could move up closer to the front of the class. I also brought up the issue of the listening comprehension for the student who was making up the test during the class' second test. Your instructor said that yes, a student was making up a test at that time, but that she gave the reading comprehension portion toward the end of the class period when most students had completed their exam. She didn't remember that the volume was "at full blast." 

 Our department takes great care to provide qualified, experienced and professional instructors. We evaluate our teaching staff by making periodic visits to classes, and carefully assessing departmental student evaluations. The latter are the only reliable student evaluation that we consider. Ms. Gorriarán's student evaluations are positive, as are her faculty evaluations. I have not had any complaints from other students regarding this instructor. I'm sorry that you have not had a good experience. 

I see that you took a Spanish 101 course even though you have had five years of high school Spanish, which the department advises against. Students should not take classes that do not challenge them. Also, the presence of more advanced students intimidates beginning language students, as you can imagine. We normally don't allow students to remain in an Elementary language class if they have had prior instruction in that language. 

I asked Ms. Gorriarán why you were allowed to stay in the class and she said that she identifies students who would be better served in another class the first week of classes, but that you didn't register for the class until the second week of the semester. I understand that besides these two class meetings, you missed three additional classes. This suggests to me that, because you are too advanced for this course, you may be bored in class, which would explain why you sit in the back of the room and knit, which, I told Ms. Gorriarán, should not be allowed. Your lack of engagement would also explain the decline in your grade for the class. 

When I spoke to Ms. Gorriarán on Thursday afternoon, she said you had not been in class that day. If you wish to drop the class, please let me know. If you took this course to satisfy the language requirement, I suggest that you take the CLEP test (administered at CCRI). Students who score at least a 50 on this test 6 receive credits for SPAN 101 and 102, and thus satisfy the second language requirement. 

If you have any further concerns, please come and see me in my office. 


Olga Juzyn, Ph.D.
Chair of Modern Languages
Rhode Island College
Craig-Lee 141
600 Mt. Pleasant Ave.
Providence, RI 02908
Tel. 401.456.8392
Main Office: 401.456.8029


Picture of Allison Palombo

Dr. Juzyn:

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my email. 

I would like you to know my absences were medically excused, and I do not appreciate your tone concerning them.  

Regarding my participation, anytime I have been called on, I am paying attention and I answer correctly, or can work my way to the correct answer.  I do not appreciate the insinuation that I would take personal issue with a professor because of my own choice to "not pay attention", despite the fact that when I am called on, I always know what we are working on.  

Concerning my personal grades, we've had two tests. I did extremely well on the first and maybe not so well on the second, that's two data points which is not even mathematically considered a pattern. Though, if this was a pattern, then I would not be too concerned with my "intimidating other students".

Again, I do not appreciate your tone. 

To counter your point about how the professor may have elaborated on certain things while I was absent, does not change the fact that no one in the class understands basic grammar. A fact that she and I both have acknowledged. Thus, we are left with the assumption that either her teaching is inept, or the entire class is. 

I have noted in your email that you have said nothing about her skipping over students who struggle, or her asking we do not make an attempt if we cannot be sure the answer is correct, which prefaced the butchering comment.

If you reread my original email, you will find that it was not I who was skipped over because I couldn't see, but the student behind me who struggles was. My sitting closer to the board in class would not assuage this issue as it has nothing to do with vision. The issue is a student being left behind. 

As for my knitting, there are plenty of universities and professors who permit knitting as further studies agree that knitting often elevates pressures and anxieties of sitting for long periods of time and can actually increase focus. Often times it's less distracting than fidgeting and if I'm looking forward while knitting, then I'm obviously not texting. If we're going to start persecuting distracting behaviors in her classroom that she permits, I would suggest texting be your first target.

With regard to the student retaking the listening comprehension section, regardless of the volume, retakes should be done during her office hours or on the other student's time if it in ANY way could interfere with the class at hand. Though I signed up late, I managed to get my work done on time, thus why should I suffer for another students inability to? It's the teacher's responsibility to deal with this matter without impeding on the education of the other students who are up to speed. 

Maybe my second test grade would have been higher had my environment been conducive to test taking. I'm very confused as to how knitting can hurt my ability to learn, however listening to a foreign language blare during my exam will not.

I've withdrawn myself from the class as you have professionally chosen to singled my complaint out to the professor, who still grades me for another month; instead of talking to her about this anonymously to insure a smooth resolution with the promise of no repercussions. 

I would like to posit that more students would come forward with problems if they had assurance that they could do so with protection and with the knowledge that their complaint would be respected, not demeaned by overlooking the issues by instead pushing focus on arbitrary points. Sadly, many people will keep their heads down if they feel they might negatively bear the consequences of questioning status quo. Luckily, I do not need this class to graduate, so I have the luxury of being able to drop it. This is a luxury many students do not have, and many freshmen will not risk. 

I do understand that the student and staff evaluations are the only standard to which you hold your professors. I can see how she could receive positive reviews from her peers, considering your antagonizing and accusatory tone towards me in your response and how you have chosen to handle this issue by insinuating this is somehow a personal vendetta against this professor.  

However, I am not buying the notion that you have only received positive reviews about this professor from students. 

Again, I appreciate your taking the time to read and respond to my email. 

No further response from you is desired. As nothing was really addressed from my first email, I feel comfortable in saying you are no longer considered a viable resource to me, concerning this issue.

I hope you have a pleasant rest of your semester.


Allison Palombo


I got detention, but no one made a movie about it.

Today is the 30 year anniversary of “The Breakfast Club!”
(I’ve included the trailer for those of you who have no idea what this movie is about)

Normally, such an anniversary would mean nothing to me, but the oddest thing happened to me about an hour ago, which Im going to tell you about in about five seconds.
Honestly, and my movie loving friends are going to disown me for the following (forgive me Andi and Mel), but I didn’t think The Breakfast Club was a great movie. 
Maybe I feel this way because I watched it when I was 17 because my parents wouldn’t let me watch rated R movies before that, and by that time the novelty of high school had totally worn off.
Maybe it’s because I don’t really watch movies so I can’t tell when one is a classic. (Confession: didn’t really like 16 Candles either. . . )

Or maybe it’s because the characters never struck an emotional chord with me. I couldn’t identify with it, probably because, oddly enough, I wasn’t a walking stereotype.

I remember mostly identifying with Allison Reynolds, “The Basket-Case” (shocking, I know), but while she owned her weirdness, I secretly wanted to be Claire Standish.  Plus, I was never really all about “getting to know people”. If I had been a character in The Breakfast Club, I would have sat in unbroken silence throughout the whole damn movie. 
As you can see, this movie did not, does not, really resonate with me. 
Anyway, today I was walking from the Cafeteria to the Library, when I suddenly craved a coffee. So I cut down through the Student Union, to get to the Cafe. As I passed the Ballroom in the Student Union, I remembered there was a baby grand piano in there and I got the sudden urge to play.
I made a beeline for the door, but as I went to reach for the door handle so did the lanky kid next to me.
Turns out he was also a defunct pianist who had the sudden urge to play.
We chatted for a second about music and he asked me if I sang.

This is where it gets “Breakfast Club”-y.

I said that I do sing.

To which he replied, “Sing for me.”

So I did.

No joke.
I belted out a rendition of Summer Time, from Porgy and Bess, right in the Student Union, to a perfect stranger.

I’m not sure why I decided to sing to him, especially since my own boyfriend has never heard me, but it felt really good to perform and to honestly connect with someone, even if for only a moment, over something universal.

For your amusement and my general embarrassment, here are some videos of my high school vocal group.

 AND if you CLICK HERE you will get to see me as a light up stripper in my HS’s rendition of Gypsy! *hint:  I’m the one with glowing boobs who’s singing*