Yeah. I’m back again to blogger.
I just hate Tumblr. WAY too much distraction.  Sorry for the jumping.

Having everyone’s shit in my newsfeed is too distracting to a procrastinator who sets her own deadlines.

I’m also trying to revamp.
I don’t write enough because I’m always “Trying” for the perfect post.
I’m always attempting to craft a lifestyle that I would want to read about and I spend so much time worrying about what people think about my writing that I never actually end up writing. Or I write things and never post them.
I’m afraid that people will think I’m a horrid writer, or that I’m a disgusting person, or they won’t hire me because I didn’t use a comma correctly or I talk about crass things like cocaine and tattoos.
I’m letting go of this fear and I’m doing it with a series of vows and confessions.


  • I vow to stop obsessively editing. This is a blog, not a novel and it’s static and evolving. 
  • I vow to stop worrying about wether you like my writing because if you only read my writing to mock me, then I’m going to assume that your life is boring and I wouldn’t want to be your friend anyway.


  1. I don’t use comma’s correctly all the time.
  2. I was probably an alcoholic at one point.
  3. I’ve had an abortion.
  4. I’ve done hard drugs.
  5. I have a few tattoos…big ones.
  6. I misspell like it’s my job.
  7. I’m not always classy.
  8. I do have a professional demeanor and have dined with senators.
  9. I tutored in English.
  10. I mix up my words.
  11. I have run on sentences.
  12. I’m a spiritual agnostic.
  13. I love politics and I have opinions that are strong, but not unbending.
If you have a problem with ANY of those things, then this blog isn’t for you and maybe I’m not for you. 
I feel like I’ve been hiding my writing in notebooks and anonymous writings because I’m terrified that I’ll offend someone, or be hated. This makes no sense because that’s not me.
So get ready to read some pretty intimate, sometimes funny, sometimes just plain gross writing about my life.
And I’m sorry about the commas. I’m working on that.


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