Procrastination Queen

This is a rewrite of a text I sent on of my close friends this morning.

So, This morning I procrastinated and needed to print a paper that I only finished an hour before.
I go to the library to do so, and all the front kiosk computers are taken. So I then walk to the very back of the library to claim the only computer open.
I download my doc and I’m feeling alright.
I click print, selecting the only printer it’s allowing me to, and walk to the station to swipe my card in order to pay. It charges me and nothing happens.

I do this about three times ($5 a pop) until I get help.

The library tech does the same thing about five more times (thankfully on his own card) until he realizes (with a laugh) that I’m printing to another printer.
Logically, I ask him where said printer is so I can grab my paper and run to the class.

I’m now about 15 minutes late.

He proceeds to tell me that the printer I sent my file to is actually broken.

To break this down: the machine charged me, wasted my time, AND stole my paper.

THEN the tech has me use a flash drive, which after about five minutes we realize will not load onto the computer I’m using, so I email it to myself AGAIN and relocate to ANOTHER computer.
This time I have to open my email up in front of this guy, (where my last self email was titled “PRINT DIS SHIT”).
FINALLY my paper was printed and I was only forty minutes late to class.
And I was going to go, but I had a coffee and one doesn’t just MOSEY into class 40 minutes late with a coffee.
That’s fucking rude.

So I skipped.

My next paper I’m handing in on a fucking scroll.
or better yet, a stone tablet.


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