Why Me, Coheed and Mars Volta get ALL the babes.

ME: “Guys! I brushed my hair!”

*guy friends ignore me and keep drinking beer*
ME: “Guys?! Do I look good?”
FRIEND: “Holy shit. Your hair is so big. You should join Coheed and Cambria”
ME: “Are you calling my hair ugly?”
FRIEND: “I’m not saying I looks bad! I’m just saying they have big hair too. I mean there are others. The guys from the MarsVolta have big hair too! They get babes!”
ME: “Those are men.  Are your saying I look like a dude?”
FRIEND: “No. I’m just saying that more women than men will dig your hair.”

Above is NOT my photo of Mars Volta

Above is another photo that is NOT mine, this time of Coheed and Cambria. 

This is my hair. On a good day. 
In the background is my Mom’s fine behind. 😉 for which she’s going to kill me for posting later when she reads this. 
My hair was poofier yesterday, I should’ve grabbed a photo. Next month when I brush it again, I’ll show you. But seriously, the MarsVolta/Coheed comment? Uncalled for. 

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