get OUTlet

This week I was horribly let down by my favorite local coffee shop.

I went there to get out of the house and do some nonacademic writing while enjoying a nice iced tea.
It was a relaxing plan.

I arrive and drop my bag at my favorite table. It’s my favorite table because the outlets in this place are under the seats, so it’s better if you have the closest table. Otherwise you’re forced to get down on all fours and explain to whoever is sitting there that you’re not looking up their skirt, but just trying to power up.

After I grabbed my tea and settled myself in, I get down on my hands and knees with my charger, but I can’t find the outlet.

So I crawl over one table, thinking I’m having early onset dementia, but there isn’t an outlet there either.
After about a minute of doing this I just sit down at my computer until one of the staff walks by and I ask him where the missing outlet has gone.
He tells me, to my horror, they’ve gotten rid of them.
He says it really nonchalantly. Like taping up all the outlets in your place of business was not the STRANGEST thing I’ve ever heard.

He said it was the only way they could get people to not stay all day at the place, and take up chairs for paying customers, which I understand, but I still find sad.
Maybe in protest I will bring a stack of books and read all day in the corner.
No electricity needed!

Unfortunately because I don’t have that much time on my hands, I’ll probably just consent to only going there on a full battery.


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