Everyone hangs out with dead deer, right?

I have a bunch of friends and acquaintances who “model“.

I say “model” and not model because they’re not on the cover of Vogue, or doing runway work for Ralph Lauren, or even promoting Neutrogena. Yes, some of them are paid for small clothing company jobs, or do pinup, but the majority just like being photographed.
For the longest time I did not respect “models“.  I thought they were vain, snobby, dim and really kind of talentless.  Why be an object when you could make your own art?
Honestly, most of this came from personal insecurity, but since dating a photographer and moving to a city called “The Culture Capital” I’ve had a change of heart.
Probably because everyone and their mother in this city is a “model” or a photographer. 
Also probably because when no one else is available, I’m my boyfriends last resort for a “model”
What I learned from this that modeling well, is not easy. 
You need to not fidget. (No blow on set)
You need to take directions well and be able to have artist ideas to share with the photographer. (No one enjoys working with a dolt even a hot one)
You need to make unnatural things appear natural. (“Of course I smoke cigarettes wearing nothing but stilettos and a thong, while making coffee in my driveway!”)
Most of all though, you need to be confident and I think this the biggest thing that puts people (namely women) off about models. Body confidence in women is not a given and often times meeting a woman who is comfortable in her own skin is intimidating. 

When I first started dating photographer, worrying if he was going to run off with one of his models actually made me lose sleep.  Then I remembered, that if he was going to be a cheating piece of scum, that had nothing to do with his profession and if a model hits on him even though he’s in a serious relationship then that makes her a whore regardless of her chosen hobby or profession. 

Anyway. Show your local models some love, because what they do really is an art. 

Below is a photo of me (Courtesy of Chris Mongeau) acting like my wearing a felt Stetson, and talking to a dead deer in my underpants is how everyone spends their mornings. 

If you like his style, check out his website: chrismongeauphoto.com where you can set your own weird shoot up, or just look at pictures. 


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