For all you broke people like me

In honor of my being broke, I am posting the article below, for all of you to read.
I would call most of it common knowledge, so I’m going to preface it with my own money saving tips.

If you pay for laundry:

  • Don’t. Just never wash anything (except undergarments, obviously you scuzz!) Unless it has a stain, or smells like a marathon runner’s thong post race, it can go a few more wears sans wash.  
  • Bra’s should only be hand washed anyways, so shower with them. It saves hot water.

To save hot water:

  • Shower with a friend. Seriously. Two 20 minute showers, turn into one 20 minute shower. Do the math.

To save on heat:

  • Do that funny saran wrap thing to your windows. Yeah, it looks hood, but it’s better than trying to oil heat your front yard.

To Save on food:

  • Meal plan. I’m working on this idea, and when I have a good way to do it, I’ll let you know. Also, I operate by the standard that if it doesn’t smell, have mold, or lost it’s original consistency, it’s fine to eat. 
  • Soup that’s a month or so past date? Just boil it. Remember, if you’re going to cook something at 400 degrees, then anything growing on it will probably die. 
  • Frozen veggies are your friend. Frozen fruit too. In fact, buy in bulk and freeze it all. Is fresh better? Obviously, but frozen is better than starving.
  • Buy raw. All that pre-made shit is. . .well, shit. And while it may be cheaper now, for the amount you can buy raw, you’re rarely saving that much. AND your medical bills will be higher later.

*WARNING* I’m a vegetarian so I can’t personally verify how well this works for meat or dairy.

  • Frozen veggies are your friend. Frozen fruit too. In fact, buy in bulk and freeze it all. Is fresh better? Obviously, but frozen is better than star

To save on clothing:
  • Thrift Shop! Seriously you can find everything from a thrift shop. Where I live, people are far more likely to appreciate a well curated outfit, made with original pieces, over the latest trend from the mall.
  • Borrow from your friends. (with permission)
To save on alcohol: 
  • Get drunk BEFORE the bar.  (BUT ONLY IF YOU HAVE A DESIGNATED DRIVER or if you’re walking.)
  • If you go to the same bar frequently, get friendly with your local bartender. Do a shot with them, talk to them, go on off nights, and you’ll watch your bill drop. TOM AND NOAH, IF YOU’RE READING THIS, I MISS YOU, AS MUCH AS YOU MISS MY STEADY BUSINESS. SEE YOU WHEN THE SEMESTER ENDS MY LOVES.

To save on fun:

  • Be creative. If you live in a city especially, there is always free shit to do. Google, check chamber of commerce sites, check your local (and usually free!) publications or the community boards in local shops.
  • Split your drug purchases with a group. Besides, if you take them alone, there is a greater chance of you having a problem and it’s probably less fun.
  • Buy boardgames. Boardgames and tequila are a match made in heaven.

Check out the original article below, by The Daily Finance, for their tips.

5 Things You Should Never Pay Full Price For


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