I created a Facebook Page!

I created a Facebook page.

I had refrained from doing this, or really even promoting my blog at all, for a long time because I was unsure if I wanted my family to see what I talk about.
I couldn’t give two fucks if the kid next to me in class thinks I’m a lunatic, but when your grandmother calls you after she read about your abortion online, you start to wonder if maybe you should sensor yourself a bit more.
Then I remember that there are way better reasons to dislike me then just because of my writing, or because I am very openly pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, pro-chemical experimentation, pro talking about everything from sex to repressed childhood memories.

You can totally hate me over the fact I talk through movies. And I always ask who dies before the movie starts. I also google the plot if the person refuses to answer me or hasn’t seen it either. 
Now THAT is a trait worth disliking me over.

Hating me because I share my experiences unadulterated and unfiltered is not.
I’m expressing my opinions, not telling anyone that they should be like me.

Honestly, family or not, I’m never going to be a normal person. I will always talk about strange things and write about subjects no one wants to talk about, because while no one may want to speak about them, a lot of people read about them. 
My goal in life is not for my family to be embarrassed of me, I quit being embarrassed of them a long time ago. Return the favor guys!

My goal with this site is to provide a place for people who feel like they’re not quite like everyone else, to come and read about another human being who is just as lost and fucked up as they are.

I’m always open to challenging opinions, new information and expanding my viewpoints. So if you hate what I say, go ahead and talk to me about it. Don’t just call me a whore or a bad person and walk away.

It’s deconstructive and honestly, kind of mean.

On a side note, I screwed up the HTML on my blog’s layout, so if someone knows how I can remove the “Like” button I accidentally embedded into my layout, that would be stupendous.
This is a learning process for me.


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