The Pee Debate Rages On

This Airpnp deal has sparked some interesting conversation. 

One person suggested that we pee on strangers as an alternative, which I’ve done, but I don’t recommend.
Actually, it wasn’t really a stranger. 
I had been working at my current job for only a few months and I had not become close with my coworkers yet. This was in part because I only saw them at work and partially because I’m not known for being outright open and friendly. 
Anyway, for the work Christmas party that year, my boss rented a party bus. 
To cut to the chase, by the time the party bus reached the final destination of the night my bladder was really full and my inhibitions were really low.
The work building was locked up and I was absolutely not going to make it to another restroom.  In desperation one of my coworkers dragged me around the back of the building so we could relieve ourselves.  
At this point (I was, in a word, shattered) I am told that I sat right next to my coworker and somehow managed to pee all over her feet. 
Apparently this was one of those deep, drunk bonding experiences, that I’m pretty sure only girls are capable of having, and we’ve been good friends ever since. 
In short: I peed on a stranger and made a friend.
I’m not saying this works every time, or even most of the time, but I am saying it has happened.

If you read the comments on the original post someone brought up a valid point.
They posed that this app would be a fabulous way for creepers, criminals and crackheads to make there way to your house OR lure you into theirs. 
To this I want to respond: Use your best judgement. 
Would I let someone pee in my house? Honestly, if there were a lot of people home, maybe. It would depend on my gut feeling.
Would I, a 5’2″ tall girl, walk into a complete stranger’s home and risk being caught in a dangerous situation, with my pants literally around my ankles? No. 
Like all things, the best advice is use your own discretion and trust your gut. 

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