“Brother Paints Toenails”

This search term brought someone to my website this week and I wanted to share that with you all.

To the person who searched this, I just want to say: I would not worry about your brother painting his toenails.
Both my brothers were subjected to loads of emasculating behavior in their youth and one is now in the Army and the other is about to graduate high school and plans to join the Marines or the Air Force.

Notice I haven’t said if they are straight or gay.
That’s not the point.
The point is: painted toes or not, both are contributing to society in a respected manner, so as long as your brother lives a productive, happy life, I wouldn’t be too concerned.

If he starts painting the toes of a bunch of headless mannequins that he keeps in the back of his closet, that’s when I would get worried.


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