Personal Crap.

I don’t post too many personal things on here.
I mean, I do, but I don’t.

I openly talk about being drunk and doing stupid and sometimes illegal things, but I don’t often talk about my current emotional status.
It’s partially to protect those who I may be mad at because I can be a most vicious writer.
It’s partially because I don’t imagine a readership would want to know about how miserable I can be at any given moment.
It’s also in part because my emotions are so unreliable.

Trying to figure out my emotions is like trying to predict weather in New England.
98% of the time it’s fucking pointless.
Sometimes it’s not even real.

However, also like a weatherman, even if you ignore all the signs, it’s hard to be wrong about a massive storm. You may not know when or where it will hit, but usually it, at bare minimum, is a real thing.

I don’t think I stress enough how much the people who wait through my storms mean to me.

So thank you.
You mean the universe to me, even if I’m a shitbag at showing you all that.


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