Happy Alive Day

I was going to write something deep about today, but then I did nothing but watch Netflix.

For those who don’t know, 2 years ago today my older sister had a brain aneurysm while at the gym and almost died.

Every year we celebrate this day as her Alive Day.

And in her honor, I did absolutely nothing productive today, because life is short and sometimes you really just need a full 24 hours where you binge eat and watch shitty TV.

So, Happy Alive Day to you all.

As a side note I want to extend a massive thank you to the amazing staff at Yale New Haven Hospital for your phenomenal work. Not just the doctors, nurses, and surgeons who saved her life, but also to the ones who saved her humanity by painting her nails, helping to comb her hair and french braiding it.
There are not enough words to describe how much the extra mile meant to my sister and our family.

A huge thank you to my coworkers who covered every shift I had for a week straight.

Also a thank you to my friends and family who rallied together to love and support each other.

And a final thank you to whatever power exists that changed it’s mind and sent the Grim Reaper packing for another day.


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