THE LORAX IS COMING and boy is he pissed.

I am actually about to go through everything I own and recycle the shit out of it all.
I’m going to sell everything I own, buy a Tesla, live out it and travel the country petitioning for Greenpeace.



and this can only mean one thing.
The Lorax is coming.
and he is NOT happy.

Seriously though, there’s a really big fucking problem when selling air is a form of protest art.
Maybe because I respect and completely fear the Lorax, maybe it’s because I hate the idea of being too poor to afford air, but this event has really inspired me to try and be a bit greener.

No one wants to wake up to a house full of raging Barbaloots, rallied behind an angry orange rodent threatening to strangle you with a thneed!

Seriously, clean your act up, or we will all pay.

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