Shameless (not the show, but an adjective for a self serving act)

Yesterday I did the most self serving, shameless bit of self promotion by friending about 200 people back onto my Facebook.

I went from 60 friends (45 of who were probably family) to 240 overnight.
I was friending people so fast that Facebook had the balls to insinuate that I wasn’t using the feature correctly and then made me verify that I wasn’t a robot.

I pretty much stuck to only friending people I knew, but one kid sent me a message and asked who I was because he thought I looked familiar, but he couldn’t place me.
*I was so busted*
I had to (embarrassingly) explain that we went to high school together (for some reason I thought he knew me, but sometimes I’m such a creep and I get to know people so well from observation I forget they don’t know who I am in real life)

I then had to admit that I really only friended him to promote this blog.

Thankfully he understood and liked my page anyway.

This all sounds cold and callous, my asking for friends just to fulfill my own agenda, but I would like to think that this blog is a way for me to connect with people.

Yes, some of my friending was completely just because I want you people to read my shit and tell ALL your friends about my shit.
Seriously, tell your friends. Now. Right now.
also, I’ve received about 5 messages from people who were genuinely curious about how I’ve been the past 5 years and that’s pretty fucking cool too.

Before this post gets anymore rambly (yeah I’m making that a word right now) I want to say HELLO to all my new Facebook friends and a massive THANK YOU for those of you who liked my page. Please feel free to tell your friends and family about me.
Finally I want to say to everyone who messaged me and asked how I was, that it was really good to hear from you all.



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