Hide Your Crazy

I’ve been kind of a mental case lately.

For the few of you who know me really well, this is not news to you.
The past week has reminded me of the importance of finding people who can tolerate your crazy, even when you tell them to fuck off.
As my friend Kelsey always tells me that life is about finding your own people. The ones who get you and love you no matter how much of an ass your are.
Her favorite saying regarding this topic stems from story I told her, that I’m now going to share with you.
Once upon a time, I dated someone who had an armpit fetish.
I’m pretty open and I’ll try almost anything once, but I’m not personally into armpits, which was what made me realize things were not going to work between he and I. 
Kelsey took this story and turned it into a fable with the lesson being: everyone has their own people. In this kid’s case, he just needed to find someone with similar interests.
From this story she coined the wise phrase: “If they’re not weird enough to fuck your armpit, they’re not your kind of people.”
In relation to this, my mother kindly reminded me that it is also important to not be a psychopath all the time because it makes having friends and lovers, hard. 
As I was leaving Easter she hollered out the door, “I love you! Try to not let your crazy hang out too much!” 
In closing I guess life’s a balance of finding people who are willing to love you even thought your family is strange as hell. . . 
and sometimes you don’t act as nicely or as classy as you should.

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