In the name of happy

In the name of happy I want to share a few great things with you that I’ve done lately.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of helping host two amazing artists from NYC.
You can view their work here and here
Artistic ability aside, the genuine spirit both of these guys posses is contagious and made for an amazing weekend. 
If either of you are reading this, thank you, please come back soon.
To dovetail off the feel of last weekend, I’ve picked up my life list again and I’m working on completing it.
Turns out I’ve done quite a bit on it that I hadn’t even realized.

  • On Easter I had one GLORIOUS bite of bacon for the first time in almost a decade.
  • I FINALLY quit my job at the coffee shop and I can say, for the first time, that I have a really great job that I love.
  • I have gotten back into Yoga, but not super seriously.

  • I have started writing letters. My very close friend, Josh, recently picked up his life and left the country.  He spent some time in Greece and now he’s posted up (for now) in Sydney, Australia. We keep in touch via letter writing, which is amazing. As soon as he starts a blog, I’ll be the first to let you all know.  

  • I did finally “finish” my children’s book and I’ve received my first rejection letter! So now, I need to keep badgering agents until someone picks me up.  Oh the joy of writing.
I also have an exciting announcement!
I will be joining my significant other, an amazing graphic designer, and his unbelievable girlfriend on a three week road trip across the US!
We’re going to be picking up some other really cool people along the way, but I don’t know them very well and I’m not sure if they have Internet websites so I can’t put links up for you to creep. 
Anyway, stay tuned for my musings from the road. 

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