Another really great announcement

I have huge family news that I am sharing with you all.

My older sister has finally tied the knot with a good man.
A really good man.
A man who upon first meeting my mother, was instantly approved of, by all of us.
A man who took her son as his own and is an amazing role model.
A man who, while she was in the Neurological ICU, spent every night by her bedside or taking care of her son and her fur children.
A man who takes his younger brother-in-law fishing on weekends.
A man who doesn’t mind when his wife’s siblings (all six of us) pile into their two bedroom house with the three fur kids and the human child and monopolize the TV for a weekend.

I could go on, but I’ll spare you.

I honestly could not be happier for both of them.

I’ve included some photos of their wedding below for those interested.

 The happy couple ❤

Wedding Bands (obviously)

Family Portrait ❤

My nephew, bearing witness.
Mother son ❤