A Dirty Mess

I’m terrible at titling things. 

I guess that’s why I steer clear of poetry or poetic prose. 
This post has nothing to do with any of that.
A couple weeks ago my beloved Macbook Pro started losing its shit. The mousepad was possessed and the screen was all funny looking and then I lost my shit because I saw all my writing flash before my eyes.
*I’ve since backed that shit up*
Any way, my job and the people I work with are amazing so our company tech guru took a look at my computer and found a keylogger. Apparently this program was installed about 3+ years ago and had been recording every keystroke and taking screenshots every five minutes since its installation.
The upside is that this was a very cheap and very quick issue to fix. The downside is that I am having a tough time looking the tech guy in the eyes now. 
The moral of this story is don’t download sketchy shit or let people borrow your computer. And also back up your nudes on an external so you don’t feel weird next time your laptop breaks.

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