This post is for my mom

Things in my life have been going decently well.

Please excuse me as I go bash my body against a tree repeatedly to insure that I don’t jinx it.

I don’t think I am openly thankful enough in my life and I just want to highlight for you a few cool things I’m really happy about in general.

I have a great job. I am degree-less, under 30, single and a full time student and I am able to, carefully, afford to live on my own. Not to mention, I live in a nice neighborhood with cool neighbors and my building includes laundry! I also work for a very cool company where my hours are flexible and the people are really nice.

I am so happy that I don’t currently have a car. I’ll be honest, there are some real big pains in the ass associated with not having one,  but I get to bike to work everyday! In people who are really unhappy with their job, many cite long commute as a huge factor in their unhappiness. I am so lucky to be able to walk to my job if I need to and though it may suck in the rain, I am also getting way healthier so that’s pretty awesome too.

Dovetailing off that I am so amazingly blessed (ugh I hate that word, but I can’t find another that is as accurate) to have a boyfriend who can drive me to and from school twice a week. His chauffeuring aside, he’s pretty amazing in general and I feel so lucky to have someone who really pushes me and inspires me to do and be more than I ever thought I could. He challenges me and keeps me constantly on my toes. His restless soul could not be more perfectly suited to mine and I really don’t say that enough publicly.

I am really thankful that I cleaned up a lot of the negativity in my life and I’m thankful for those who helped me do it. About a month or so ago I was in a pretty unhappy place. Part of it was not standing up for myself, but the other part was not communicating, not forgiving and not accepting peace. I am really thankful for those who helped me through that process.

I’m always thankful for my family. No matter how many people walk out of my life, my family always stays, even when I don’t deserve it or don’t want them. That’s the biggest difference between friends and family; no matter what, family stays. At times I thought I had friends who were family, but time and time again I really find true that family is forever.

I am really thankful for Ms. Nikki having come into my life. I’m really solitary and I don’t have many friends, especially female friends. As it is with most of my good friends, we met in an odd way. When I first met her I really wanted to hate her, but my first thought after spending two seconds with her was, “Holy shit. She’s exactly like me.”
Though she is super new in my life, she has already taught me a lot. She’s shown me the power of forgiveness, she’s shown me the necessity of meaningful conversation and she inspires me creatively. The last is the most important to me. It’s been a really long time since someone outside of Chris and my dear PenPal has inspired me to create something daily. The amount of positive energy that emanates from her is unbelievably infectious and I am super thrilled to have her in my life. So many great collaborations to come.

I’m closing this post with two photos this lady has taken of me. I’m an awkward model, but she caught a photo of me smiling so that’s pretty amazing. You should definitely check out her blog. It’s linked to her name.

I like to climb things and I never once think about the limitations usually imposed by wearing a skirt.

Fun Fact: I really love cotton candy.

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