This is something really important to me so please excuse me while I get a bit "preachy".

This was going to be a Facebook post about the video below, but then I realized how much I had to say.

This video hit’s the issue of abortion right on the head when one of the anchors asks the interviewee, “Why didn’t you use birth control?” Her response was [essentially] that no one plans an unplanned pregnancy.
That logic should be clear to everyone.

Let me tell you something, reproductive rights isn’t about what YOU think is right for another person, or how YOU think a person should be punished. It’s about being a human being and having some empathy for someone who made a mistake and hopefully learned from it. It’s about allowing women to make their own choices on what they think their life should be.

It’s a fight for gender equality because this situation is a mistake between two people where one sex bears the entire consequence. 

As for if videoing her procedure “trivializes” the topic, anyone who hasn’t had an abortion really can’t talk about this with any validation. I wish I had seen this video before my procedure because I was so scared of the procedure itself I walked out of my first appointment. More women need to know that it’s not that bad. I’m not saying it’s relaxing, it’s definitely an unsettling process, but I’ve had more physically traumatic treatments. Honestly, I was more physically uncomfortable after having my wisdom teeth out.

As for the mental aspect, judgement has a huge role to play in that. This situation can be marginalizing and lonely. Which is ridiculous because 1 in 3 women have had an abortion. The mental ramifications of this procedure would be lessened if people stopped being judgmental and more women opened up about their experience. This is a huge reason why I talk about my procedure openly. I want more women to be proud of their choice. I am not happy that I got pregnant, but I am very proud of myself for being adult enough to take control of how I wanted my life to be instead of being confined by what others think of me.

With my being pro choice I don’t think everyone should abandon their faith. I am all about your right to not approve of my abortion and to speak out about it. I am NOT a supporter of barrier laws that prevent free (albeit stupid) speech in front of clinics.  However, I would respect your message more if it was phrased, “Hey I don’t think what you’re doing is right. Please think about it, but no matter what you decide I’ll love you any way.” That message might go a bit farther than “You’re going to burn in hell.” Just a suggestion.

No one is forcing women to abort their babies, so I am very baffled why people think it is ok to force women to have babies. The same clause and amendment in our constitution that protects your freedom of religion, protects all religions and thus voids your ability to legally blanket your religion across everyone in this country.

I’m going to be so bold as to say that MAYBE we should trivialize abortion, or at least the medical procedure part of it. Deciding to have or not have a child is personal choice and I do not think we should trivialize the amount of thought that goes into that process.

However, the actual procedure I think should be trivialized. Maybe women would be able to give this whole situation additional meaningful thought if they were able to spend more time contemplating what is best for their lives, rather than the semantics of the actual medical aspect. With the trivialization of the medical aspect, hopefully could come a popular opinion that agrees, abortions happen. Shit happens. It does not mean your life has to change if you do not want that change. With popular acceptance my hope would be that stigma would diminish and women would not need to worry about wide spread judgement.

Are abortions pleasant? No. Would I personally do it again? Probably not, but who knows. Regardless, I am so thankful I had that choice because if I didn’t my life would be done. My abortion was a second chance, a forgiveness of a mistake and really huge turning point for me.

I am extremely proud of myself and any woman who makes a choice like that. I’m proud of the girls who choose to have a baby and be a mother. That’s amazing. However, I am also proud of all the girls who choose not to have children and make the choice to have an abortion.


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