What would I even title this?

A few days ago I received a text from an old friend who alerted me that a really sad thing happened at my old high school. Two teachers, one current and another former, were arrested on charges of indecent solicitation of a child.  

The reason I am writing about this is not to defend or condemn any party, but to more to mull over my own thoughts on this situation.

Personally, I think it is really important to not pass judgement on either the girl or the men who are accused. 

As a former 15 year old who had intimate relations with a 27 year old during my sophomore year of high school, I can assure you that I knew exactly what I was doing. I also knew that if the relations were outed I would be fine.

I was mature enough to know what I was doing, but childish enough to not care about the lives of anyone else involved.

I’m not saying this is her case, but I’m saying we don’t know all the facts.

Yes, shame on grown men for not knowing better and using their positions as mentors inappropriately, but also shame on anyone who knowingly manipulates another human being.

If these men are guilty this situation is really heartbreaking. These men were really great teachers. One of them wrote my college recommendation letter and his dedication to his job is part of the reason I even graduated.

I don’t really know how to close this post. I am just deeply saddened by this news and I really hope that this matter can be properly resolved.


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