Clearing some things up

Clearing some things up:

I don’t usually “clear up” what I mean in my writing, but yesterday’s post is so sensitive that I think I owe the subject matter a bit more delicacy.

I in no way meant to convey that old men taking advantage of young girls is ok. It’s fucking not.

I merely meant to posit, that the situation is not always as simple as innocent girl, bad man. This is not to say her actions justified theirs because they don’t, but the flip side to that argument is their response to her actions does not justify her engaging the relationship either. I think it sells her short, even at 15, to assume she had no idea of the ramifications of her actions. It wasn’t rape. It was an electronic relationship.

I think people are quick to blanket judgement and I was merely stating that I think it is unfair to do so.

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