I want to give a shout out to a few people or things that inspire me daily. To some of these my shout out is the Internet equivalent of an ant screaming at an eagle atop a redwood, but it’s the thought that counts. Also these are in no order. is probably one of my biggest influences in the world of writing and staying alive in general. If you don’t read her work you should and you can totally borrow my copy of her biography if you swear to return it. has evolved so much over the years and following her growth as a person has been absolutely amazing. I started reading her blog when it was the monologue of a liquor loving, adventurous lady who was jut figuring shit out and I got to watch this blog morph into a platform for clean, positive living. is one of my newest reads and a really great inspirational blog for anyone who has lived through anything. On their submission page they word it as a, “quest to share the Big Uglies and turn them into Big Helps”. a blog I read in binges. Her writing is so relatable to anyone who’s ever felt a bit misplaced. Please read her post on PTO moms that left me in stitches and also gave me a great appreciation for my own mother. Also also she answers my tweets and has even read my blog (The honor actually made me blush) and in general makes me feel like a real blogger. In addition to being a great writer she’s also cool as hell! Ok this one is a bit self serving but also seriously honest. No one inspires me more than the man behind this art. He occasionally writes some things, always quoting Jack Kerouac and has some of the coolest photos from around the world. *shameless self promotion here* please check out his, “yard Sale” tab on his website for more information about buying copies of his work. is my go to read for information about eco fashion, eco decorating, eco everything. They have the best vegan recipes and they were talking about tiny homes 4 years ago before the concept was a trend, so they are on point with all things environmentally friendly. I am a bit in love with this woman. I followed her when she was first living in San Francisco and then I remember being so excited when she moved to NYC where I was living at the time. Unfortunately, I moved home a few years later she moved back to San Fran and had a baby. I’m not stalking her I swear. She is an amazing stylist and was one of the inspirations behind me starting to blog. (fun fact, my first blog was a shit attempt at a fashion blog and if you google hard enough you can find it and just experience a laugh at my expense) Another fashion blog. I really love her Ted Talk about how what you wear can inspire how you feel. I’ve included it below for you.

If you have any great blogs I should be reading please share! ❤


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