That time I thought I had cancer for 12 hours

Sadly this isn’t a joke.

My doctor’s office mailed me a new patient acceptance packet to an oncologist without any explanation. Apparently they lost my phone number, which is ridiculous because they always have it when I have a missed appointment  fee!

They mailed this package to my father’s house who I had open it (in case it was a bill that he could pay for me) and he then called me freaking out, so I freaked out and called my mother who was obviously unhappy and then I told Chris who was the most levelheaded out of all of us, but still not totally thrilled by the prospects.

I called the office this morning and it was a mistake.

Apparently, I have low platelets and the oncologist is affiliated with a hematologist, but instead of telling me this at my appointment I have scheduled in a week, they decided to mail me a welcome packet to scare the shit out of me.

For those concerned, the platelet thing is probably because I don’t eat red meat and isn’t terribly serious.

Anyway, I spent the past 12 hours reevaluating the way I’ve spent the past two decades of my life and how I’ve been putting off getting a colonoscopy/endoscopy and that I overlook contamination rates on my food and often get sick anyway and how I’ve never seen Europe and how I do a lot of wicked unhealthy things because I’m in my 20’s and young and this is really bad run on sentence, but you get the point that I was a bit upset.

I don’t think this was a life changing moment, I’ve had those, but I do think that it was eye opening. Anyway, I’m probably going to schedule that colonoscopy soon.

In other news my life has been busy with end of term shit and watching Sons of Anarchy (Oh my god that finale)   and binge watching Gilmore Girls.

Anyway, I hope you’re all healthy and doing well this holiday season and I’ll write more later.

Also, I’m not editing this for grammar because life is short and this is not a doctoral thesis.