Happy Snappy New Year! 5’s my lucky number so this one is gonna be good.

So I’ve been away for a while.

Last night as I was falling asleep I had a really great way to start this post and I was like, “Damn that’s good, let’s write that down.” and then two seconds later my inner demon, who is more like a 45 year old single dude who enjoys sedatives and cheetos said, “Nah. Let’s sleep. You’ll totally remember it in the morning. “ That dirty lying bastard.

Any way, I hope you all had a lovely holiday.  Mine was perfect. It was mine and Chris’ first one living together and Jacques’ (my new cat? did I tell you all I got a cat?) first Christmas so that was exciting.

I wrote some things on my Facebook page about the New Year, my personal page not my website page. I’m very excited for 2015. Five is my lucky number which is a good sign, but more important is this is the first year I’m not starting the year off saying, “well it can’t get worse right?” Things are good, I am good, the future is uncertain but I have a home, a great family, a fantastic job, an amazing life partner, a cat and some really awesome friends so things are looking good.

I’m also having WordPress envy. . .  Not a relevant segway but I wanted to share.

My friend Mel is real into the idea of New Years and after being asked about resolutions by her, I made a few:

To jog home from work every day. (It’s only two miles but I’m hoofing a backpack too so we will see) *it’s been negative windchill so I’ve been getting rides, but I made the run once!)
To leave the country before December 2015, alone.
I guess I should throw “renew passport” on this list too.
To try to be nicer. Just like all around.
To make things.
To be more of a feminist.
To really embrace my own body acceptance and promote it aggressively.
To stop binge eating takeout every night.

I’m also going to try to reformat this blog a bit. I want to do some interviews/features because while I agree, I am fucking fascinating, there’s a lot of even cooler people around me I want to talk about.

Anyway, happy 2015.


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