This one is for you @Bunnygirl82

So a few days ago I commented on an Instagram photo and pointed out the joke being made in the photo was sexist. The meme asked why women don’t come with stats like players in the game Madden do. The stats this meme thought would be relevant to a woman’s qualifications were: Head, Cooking and Loyalty.

image1  (Check those likes out, just in case you thought sexism wasn’t real)

A woman shot back at me, pointing out a grammar error I made, but the more relevant part of her comment essentially read, “I’m a lady and this page is funny. You need to lighten up” and then hastagged me “pussificationofamerica”


There are not enough characters on Instagram to explain my opinion to her, so this post is for you @Bunnygirl82.

First, let’s look at your idea of “funny”. Can sexism be funny? I’m going to hesitantly say yes, it can be. For example, if in an alternative universe women really did come with statistics (let’s say tattooed to their backs at a certain age) and someone then made the comparison of them to a video game, I would argue that comparison is indeed sexist, but it’s using a humorous comparison to highlight sexist societal norms.

The joke brings forth a problem by using humor, to show the ludicrously of the sexism.  In this theoretical case this would be that women should not be held to fulfill preset standards that supposedly determine their quality.

I feel comfortable saying that is a sexist joke with a broader point. So yes, sexism can be funny when that humor is being used correctly.

Unfortunately, the meme you found amusing states women SHOULD have statistics, like a player, for men to review.

As far as I know we do not have to fulfill standards and I don’t have to hand over a dating scorecard with my numbers every time I go out with a man. There is a difference between using humorous comparison to highlight a problem and using “humor” to celebrate and promote sexist ideas.

I’m just going to make a brief comment on your hashtag, “Pussification Of America”. Pussy, as I’m sure you know, is slang for the female vulva. When you equate weakness to the word pussy, you equate women as weak. Since you identified yourself as a woman, this would make you weak by default.

I’m confused as to what purpose your own degradation could serve? It saddens me that you have become so consumed by sexist ideology, that you do not realize your own acceptance of such ideologies serves only to hold you and other women back.

Your defense of being a woman who is ok with sexism is not actually a defense. Being “cool” with sexism and “lightening up” or “having a sense of humor” is degrading to yourself and to other women.

Your compliance to these thoughts create and perpetuates sexism. One doesn’t do sexist things because they necessarily believe in sexism, rather your actions (in accepting and condoning these ideas) do.
On the topic of me being offended. I’m offended by sexism. I’m not offended by ignorance. If someone doesn’t know they’re being sexist, then I am happy to enlighten them. However, if once aware, they choose to be sexist, yeah that does offend me and it should offend you too.