Since I’ve been Boring

I’ve found ever since I’ve “relaxed” my lifestyle I haven’t had a lot to write about.

This blog originally started as the very dangerous and unhealthy chronicle of a twentysomething and as this twentysomething stopped binge drinking, quit smoking, moved in with her life-mate and got a 9-5 office job she did not know what to write about.

I’ve found that as I’ve changed my lifestyle, the things I want to talk about have shifted drastically. So please stay tuned as I begin to actively make changes to this blog. I’m very excited about them and hope you are too!

Also, please check out my side project with my life-mate! is a blog we started for those who enjoy simple living and low budget traveling.


As always thank you all for your readership and I will be back soon with more details on my new path!





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