Change for the different

I think this blog use to worry my family.

It definitely worried me. I was not so much bothered by the dangerous negativity that was pervading my life, or the alcoholism.

I was bored.

You for get a lot when you’re drunk and what you remember gets repetitive and dull.

A few days ago someone in my office wore a #meninist shirt to work and suddenly I found myself in the corner with some cool ladies talking about what it means to be a woman. I thought to myself, “hey I should talk about this stuff more” so here I am taking it to the interwebs.

I’m not going to get rid of any of my old posts (even ones that are negative) because this blog isn’t about being a perfect woman. It’s about trying my hardest to be a conscious woman.

So if you read this blog for thrilling tales of me vomiting McDonalds on my apartment building, you’re going to be disappointed in the future.


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