I am not a perfect person.

The other day I was walking down a popular street in Providence on a Friday night around 8pm, on my way home from a long day at work, and as I’m waiting to cross the street a man leans out his window to holler some sexist crap at me.

“Looking Damn Fine!”

As I said, I’m not a perfect person.

I immediately turned and hopped into the street, waiving my fists, screaming about how he could take his sexist bullshit and shove it up his ass. I may have attracted a few onlookers.

My immediate thoughts as I continued home were around the line “next dude that assumes I’m into their sexist bullshit, I’m going to punch in the face. ‘oops!  sorry! I thought because we were a dude you condoned and enjoyed violence!” I might have even tweeted this. . .  (again. I’m not perfect)

In hindsight I realize violence, in this case, is not the answer. The more I get angry about sexism and the bullshit that stems from it, the more important I realize education is. I firmly believe that the more we talk about being women and the challenges we face, the more people we will reach.

Talk now, (maybe) punch later. 😉

*off da soapbox*

On a side note, would anyone be interested in organizing a Slut Walk? Message me at allisonpalombo@gmai.com or find me on Facebook and hit me up there.


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