Mark Kozelek

I received very disappointing news the other day when a close (and super rad) lady friend told me about how the singer of Sun Kill Moon is a sexist asshole. I’m a pretty big fan of Red House Painters (his former band) so this was pretty disappointing news to me.

This news also brought me back to a question posed to me as I was showing a coffee blogger around Providence. I’m paraphrasing, but more or less he asked if the ethics of a place were a factor in my choosing to support a particular business.

I have done my best to resist shopping at places like Target and Forever 21, so I answered immediately that it was a big factor.

Fast forward a few days and now I’m here to bemoan the fact I feel like a shit feminist every time “Katy Song” comes through my headphones.

If I pirated the song (and I’m not saying that I did)  but theoretically, would that negate the “supporting” the artist? Or is playing his music enough support to justify deleting the discography from my itunes?

This is where being a feminist becomes fucking hard. With a business I can say, “I’m not going to give money to someone who fights against my rights!”

The logic of not financially funding your opposition is pretty obvious.

But with music, is it possible and fair to say that one can enjoy music separate of the musician?

In other words, I suppose I’m wondering is there any middle ground in feminism or is it as simple as anyone not apart of a solution is apart the problem?

Well, I have no answers for you. I’m just a girl trying to live consciously.  If you’ve got answers/opinions I’ld love to hear them.

Until next time friends.


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