Engaging vs Telling

Sometimes I’m the absolute worst person to handle issues regarding sexism/inequality/general-feminist-peeves.

Often my initial reaction is to rip my bra off and strangle the violator with it.

Occasionally, I’ve been known to say/write/do inflammatory things when I feel wronged.

I’ll be honest, if you start talking about why abortion is wrong (no matter how good your reasons are) I’m going to start to steam and then I’ll tune you out.

It’s involuntary, but it’s also unproductive.

I read this recently: http://www.vox.com/2015/6/3/8706323/college-professor-afraid

The article is definitely worth your time. It’s just a friendly reminder to not shut down contrary opinions, but to listen to the opposition.

I’m a big believer in education as a way to equality. Personally, I want to make sure that when I am talking about feminist issues that I’m engaging with people rather than haranguing them. Part of that for me means listening to doubters, haters, ignorant stupid fuckwads and learning from them rather than just attacking them.

This American Life just did a show on the effectiveness of engaging with people who oppose your opinion. It’s a bit different than the Vox article, but fascinating, still in the same vein and worth a listen. (Really though, when isn’t Ira Glass worth a listen?)

I’m not sayingI’ll never harangue people ever again (let’s be real),  but I’m working on choosing those I harass more selectively.

Until next time!


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