FIFA 16!

My family got a PS2 when I was in high school. By that time I was far too old to develop a deep love for video gaming however, I did enjoy playing video games that pertained to things I already enjoyed. Thus my love of all the Harry Potter video games and my love of the FIFA series of games.

It’s been years since I played soccer (or a PS2), but I was pretty excited to find out that the newest launch of the FIFA video game (FIFA 16) will include women’s teams!

It’s a little sad to me that as a child I just accepted that men’s sports were bigger, better paid and more important and I never questioned why that was.

Growing up both boys and girls I knew wore NE Revolution jerseys or their choice of English Premier League shirts, but you would be hard pressed to find a boy wearing a Hamm jersey, despite her fame.

I don’t have children, but I wonder how it must feel for a parent to encourage their boys and girls to play and work hard at sports (or really anything in life) knowing that for a girl the reward for her work will be so much less.

Maybe they don’t know and that presents a whole other issue.

Anyway, Yay for FIFA and hopefully my nephew gets a copy of the video game so I can play it and lecture him on women’s rights.

Until next time. ❤


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