Defining Providence

So this blog below is from April I think.

It was intended to be the eulogy for this site, but I’m back so it’s kind of irrelevant.


I’m not sure when I will make this post public, or when I will have the courage to even tell people about this website; but I knew it was time to start a new project.

This year has been a lot of change. Right after my 25th birthday I was laid off from my job. I got a new job. My brother deployed to Afghanistan in February. I am graduating in May. I am moving in June. I am getting married in November and then going to South America for two weeks. This all followed the months of November/December 2015 where I lost my grandfather, got a new cat, had surgery and took my first cruise.

The change is not all bad, but a lot of the big changes have been out of my control and I have started looking for active changes as a way to lean into that curve. Changing blogs was something I toyed with for a while. I did not want to necessarily “quit” Alli Has Words, because that blog is a record of how far I have grown in the past 3.5 years. At the same time, I think I am ready to move out of and away from a lot of the burdens and hurt that were recorded in that blog.

I’m still going to keep the archives up, as long as Blogger and WordPress exist, so will those archives. I think it is important for them to stay up as a way to negate being able to deny who I was, but I am done using the shame associated with how I use to be as a way to punish myself.

This blog is my clean slate. It’s my final forgiveness, my self protective care, my self defined providence.


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