Highlighting Diversity?

Have you all read this article?  (‘Highlights’ Magazine Under Fire for Calling LGBT Families a ‘Situation’) It’s another installation in the saga of Childhood Icons Making Really Bad Choices (I’m looking at you too Bill Cosby).

5125ky9bxmlWhile I find the use of the word “situation” definitely problematic, I find it more concerning that Highlights is worried about introducing hetero-families to queer family units before parents have a chance to talk to their children.

The thing is, (and I say this as a child who grew up around gay families) children aren’t born hateful, discriminatory or biased. Growing up I just assumed that was how some people lived. The right/wrong side of it never came up. It’s worth noting that Highlights doesn’t appear concerned about having parents talk about interracial marriage (a topic once as highly controvercial as gay marriage).

Highlights hesitation to show queer families is so sad because they stand in a unique position to present facts to families, the facts that queer families exist. I’m not saying that Highlights needs to take a stake in what’s “right” or “wrong”. However, I think they have an obligation to show the fact that queer families exist in the same way they show interracial families exist. Highlights only has to present the facts, and leave it to the parents to define the religious/morality issues.

Highlights has a chance to present ‘normal’ in a new progressive light. And I am so disappointed they’ve dropped the torch on this.


until next time ❤