Where’s the line?

I just got married and I’m sitting in the airport typing this while on the way to my honeymoon. Please forgive grammar/spelling. 

I’m struggling with this election. With Steve Bannon now apart of the administration I feel there’s no denying the agenda of this impending presidency.  

Trump and Co. are a group of bigots.  So how do I handle the people around me who voted for him? Family and friends alike? 

How does one separate the love you have for a person who openly wants to destroy your rights? Who doesn’t want you to be a part of the country you’ve called home for your entire life? Who doesn’t respect you? And worst of all; how do you face people who will not admit these things to your face?

Do you draw a line and disown them? Or do you humanize the issues, show your beliefs proudly and hope they don’t disown you? Do you love them or show them the same respect they show you? 

I go back and forth. Half the time I want to disown my family, but I feel like that is a reaction born from fear of rejection. It’s easier to disown them, then to wait and see if they still love you. At the end of the day, I love people who openly hate people like me and that is a painful revelation I have been shielded from for most of my life. 

Deep down, hidden beyond my fear, I know that the answer to my own question is to be a proud and unabashed ally, no matter who it upsets. But I’m still worried,  I am worried that so many people are too afraid to speak out for fear of upsetting others, or because they think it’s too drastic an action.  I still have these thoughts every day, with everything I blog. 

However, the fact of the matter is we were afraid before Trump was elected, and we didn’t take drastic enough action to prevent him from getting into the White House to begin with. 

That can only mean that now, more than ever, we need to be LOUD and unabashed about who we are, what we believe, and what we absolutely will not tolerate. 

I can’t be sure of what consequences may arise from my participation in this unrest, but I know that whatever they are, they will not be remotely as bad as the consequences born from inaction.  
Until next time ❤


Sorry, not sorry.

We (Americans) elected a racist, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist, anti-lgbtqa, KKK endorsed fascist who faces trial for rape of a minor in December…

Obviously there has been some mixed feelings about this election (to put it lightly). Something I have noticed in the aftermath of this, is this meme (or some variation of it) floating around Facebook.

As many of you know, I deleted a bunch of Trump supporters off my Facebook a while back and took a lot of heat for it. I took so much heat that I seriously rethought my reaction. Was I too emotional? Was this “close-minded”? (a name thrown at me several times) I even contemplated apologizing.

But then I started to think about the 1st Amendment, and more pointedly what isn’t protected within it.

A person has a right to discuss and say many things, many of which I do not agree with. But, I support your right to express yourself. However, as prior legislation has proven, some forms of expression are NOT protected under the 1st Amendment, most notably certain forms of hate speech. (This article helps define what is and isn’t protected and why)

To me, Donald Trump is the embodiment of hate speech as defined as “threatening” or “fighting words” and that is why I do not feel bad removing you from my corner of the internet when you support him.

In the political arena there is “liberal” and “conservative” and everything in between that makes politics in America so colorful. These differences in opinion are all apart of the political discourse where free thinking, democracy and debate flourish. However, to me, Donald Trump is not apart of this. He is not apart of a aggrandizing of  America, he is a threat, and exactly the kind of foolishness that banning certain aspects of hate speech serves to prevent.

He is the political equivalent of wearing a necklace of diamonds with a racial slur carved into it. It shows people a shiny facade that distracts from the fact that what you’re participating in debases the entire country. The bottom line is, the N-word could be written in 24k gold or in dog shit and it would still be a fucking problem. What I’m finding is that people see a college educated man in a suit and think that because he isn’t running around in a bed sheet, burning crosses in his front yard that he’s still not one and the same.

I equate supporting Donald Trump with supporting white nationalists, meninists, the alt-right, neo-Nazis,or the KKK; all things that when I think about “free thinking” and “Democracy” I do not include.

I refuse to further debase our political system by acting like he is a “normal” or acceptable part of the American political arena.

Sorry, but I’m not sorry that I unfriended you.