2017, man… Amirite?

So, my last post was from my phone in the Toronto Airport, 4 days after election day, 1 day after my wedding. Needless to say, I needed an unplug. After spending 3 marvelous weeks in Patagonia I thought I would be ready to tackle the dumpster fire that was America when I left it on November 13th.

Coming back in December, I would like to blame my disconnect on getting back to work and the holidays, but in reality I just felt really defeated. I felt like nothing I do makes a difference. While I joke a lot about how I like to “shout into the void”, in reality I truly hope that the things I talk about (those who know me, know this is mostly reproductive justice) are being heard by someone, least of all those closest to me. So finding out that my own family voted for a candidate I cannot comprehend, well…that really hurt.

Flash forward to last weekend’s Women’s March in DC.

Originally, I was really nervous to go and it was my husband who convinced me to get on the train. My hesitation was a combination of feeling hopeless in some ways and also a fear of being hurt or arrested; a fear I’m ashamed to admit crossed my mind before purchasing my ticket to DC. Looking back, I can’t imagine feeling that way (even though it was less than a week ago!).

The March was the second happiest I’ve felt in the US since election day. Staring out on the crowed of people united together by a belief in equality and justice for all, for the first time in months I felt like I had allies.

I’m going to write more about the march, but I just want to say that if anyone is feeling alone, or defeated or just generally shitty about the current climate here this: You are not alone. Millions of us showed up around the world. MILLIONS. And we are with you.

I need to close with a few shout outs:

To the friends who Chris and I met and marched with: I feel so lucky to have met you all. I couldn’t imagine a better group to march with.

To the friends who added another two people to their van so Chris and I could get a ride home: You guys rock, and there’s no one I’ld rather be stuck in traffic with. Also, Dan, you’re a driving god.

Last, but not least, to the ANGELS who housed 18 of us in their 3 bedroom house: for this march. For your hospitality, love, good conversation, patience and graciousness, I cannot thank you enough.

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Until next time ❤