New Things Happening!

I feel like 2016 was the year of the re-branding crisis for me (and the entire USA really).

Anyway, new, cool things in the works including a few collaborations with people I admire, some revamps on the website (got a shiny new About Me page) and starting next week: a newsletter!

Yes, I said a newsletter.

No, it won’t be just recaps from this website (you can follow my FB page for that!).

Yes, it will still be super focused on reproductive rights/justice/education.

No, I won’t keep my lame jokes to a minimum.

Yes, it will be awesome and you should absolutely subscribe.

No, I won’t sell your information or whatever to anyone, not even for a really good price.

Yes, you can subscribe HERE (or on the front page of this website) and it will be awesome.


Until next time  ❤