2019 Goals!

I like to take a minute at the end of December to reflect back on the past 12 months. So without further ado, 2018:

I started the year determined to change my life. I started a new job on February 14th, began training for a half marathon on Feb 9th and ran it 3 months later! I started an internship with Planned Parenthood. I went to Power of Pink in Detroit, Road Tripped across Nova Scotia, began yoga teaching 200hr certification, allowed myself to let go of some people who did not serve the life I wanted to live and I took my last drink in March. The year was fast, but good and I can only hope 2019 brings good things for all of us.

My 2019 Goals, in no ranked order:

  1. Stop posting negative things on the internet without a solution. We all know human rights are ignored on a daily basis, that nazi’s are creeping out of the shadows, that the environment is going to hell in a handbag; there is no shortage of bad news. But there’s a noticeable shortage of solutions. So if I have bad news to share, my goal is to only share it if I can offer a way I can help.
  2. See a therapist. At least 2x.
  3. Finish yoga certification.
  4. Finish up my internship.
  5. Shift to my yoga Instagram, and off my personal account.
  6. Keep up my personal yoga practice.
  7. Teach at least 1 full yoga class.
  8. Submit some writing for publication.
  9. Run more (maybe a marathon in the fall? maybe not?).
  10. Be softer and allow myself to really feel emotions.
  11. Travel.
  12. Be a better friend.
  13. Host a craft night.
  14. Crochet a full blanket.
  15. Use my planner more.
  16. Let go of “stuff” and people I don’t need.
  17. Find 1 thing everyday that I can find genuine joy in.
  18. Read more!
  19. Watch less television.
  20. Cancel my cable subscription.
  21. Be kinder.
  22. Be more present, focus on only 1 thing.
  23. Meditate!
  24. Wake up earlier, even if it’s only to enjoy coffee in bed!
  25. Answer my personal emails and texts in under a day.
  26. Find a job that brings me joy.
  27. Go vegan for at least a full month.
  28. Add to this list as the year progresses.
  29. Say NO more often.
  30. Put my energy towards those who value me.
  31. Respect that my time and energy are finite.
  32. Ride a horse! (maybe join a barn?)
  33. Start a yoga scholarship
  34. Focus my 2019 financial giving around restitution.
  35. Be a little more adventurous and spontaneous.
  36. See family more.
  37. Pay off some debt!
  38. Pad my savings/HSA
  39. Make the last two goals SMART goals and track their progress.
  40. Lead change by example, rather than being loud.  Action over words.


Here’s to a wonderful 2019.


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